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The Pablo Group's focus is to improve the experiences and opportunities available in the Eau Claire community. The 2015 renovation of The Lismore Hotel and its adjoining event halls, as well as the investment in The Oxbow Hotel have created a ripple effect of positive change downtown in recent years, bringing more pedestrian traffic to nearby businesses, as well as creating comfortable spaces for residents and visitors alike to enjoy local music and entertainment.

Pablo is searching for an artist or artists to install a mural on the Graham Avenue exterior wall of The Fire House, which faces the Pablo Center. Interest has been such that Pablo feels it necessary to open this process to the public, in our continued efforts to support and foster the artistic development of the Chippewa Valley, as well as to enrich pedestrians' experience of downtown Eau Claire.

As apparent with the Cascade mural installed on Galloway Street in 2018 by Molly Z, community design and district personality gives people a destination in their downtown wanderings: for a photo op, or just to appreciate art on a grand scale. The goal of this process is to give a local artist this opportunity. Installation is expected for August 2021.

Please submit your completed application to no later than 4:00pm on June 18th, 2021.

Thank you!

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